Care about the air

“Reach out to your representative, to your city council. Let them know that’s really important to you. That can be important to them because hearing from their constituents really influences how they go about policy making.”

Not Spider-Man, Spider-Goat!

Scientists in Utah are discovering how spider silk can be useful outside of web-making. Bulldog Press reporter Amaia Horyna documented the efforts of JM graduate Danielle Gaztambide at Utah State to harness the biocompatible properties of spider silk.

Up and running – the elevator works again

The elevator was down for a few weeks this fall. Watch this video to find out how the school adapted to meet the needs of students on crutches and in wheelchairs. Also, watch this video to learn how old the elevator is. Hint: The school was built in 1961 but the elevator is actually older than that.